Research and Development

We place great emphasis on product research and development, we work closely with two research institutes in the veterinary science field.

Joint research partners

  • Shanghai Poultry Verminosis Institute, part of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences.
  • Shaanxi Microbial Institute, the only microbial research institute in northwest China. 
  • Northwestern Agricultural Technology University
  • Fourth Military Medical University

Current research projects

  • Skystar is currently studying culture isolation and purification of various livestock and poultry common pathogens   
  • Milk cow disease  
  • We are currently working on the following projects at this research center: development of common fish, livestock, poultry pathogen diagnostic kits; therapeutics and preventatives
  • Fish disease detection kits and fish diseases multi-linked monoclonal antibody therapeutic agents
  • Skystar has exclusive rights to sell and market the patented aquaculture vaccine through 2020. Under this patented technology, and in collaboration with FMMU, Skystar will produce the first vaccine in China designed to safely prevent and treat certain bacterial infection and diseases in marine life without causing harmful side effects. Based on its first-to-market status, the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture has issued a Grade I Veterinary Certificate for our vaccine.
  • Ring disease and pseudo-rabies specific transfer factor and blue-ear disease and Mycoplasma pneumoniae disease specific transfer factor to enhance the livestock and poultry's own immunity and prevent the onset of conventional disease.
  • In-house R&D projects to develop oral liquid products, powdered injectables, Vitamin E injectables, antiparasitics product, premix products, bulk powders
  • Fish skin disease
  • Yolk antibody therapeutic agents