One of Skystar’s competitive strengths is that it currently has over 4,000 customers and distributes to all to all 29 farming provinces in China, this includes: 2,893 distributors and 1,122 direct customers.  Of the 2,893 distributors, 360 are physical stores that have outer signage with Skystar’s logo and sell products from the Company’s four product lines exclusively as franchise distributors.

We conduct promotional marketing activities within the provinces we operate to publicize and enhance our image as well as to reinforce the recognition of our brand name, including: sending sales team to rural and urban areas to promote awareness of poultry and livestock conventional disease, educate farmers about prevention and treatment of diseases, and provide demonstrations in the field to them to promote our products; participating in various meetings, seminars, symposiums, exhibitions for bio-pharmaceutical and other related industries; organizing cooperative promotional activities with distributors and providing rebates to major customers; and sending direct mailing to major customers.

None of Skystar’s customers accounted for 10% or more of our total revenues in 2013.