Directors and Officers

Meet the Skystar Bio-Pharm Leadership Team

Management of Skystar Bio-Pharmaceutical Company includes executives with extensive experience in the Chinese bio-pharmaceutical industry and with extensive contacts with leading government research institutions and local governments. The key executives also own substantial amounts of stock in the Company thereby aligning their interests closely with those of the public shareholders. Also, the most senior managers of the Company have been with the Company since its inception resulting in a strong team and leadership continuity.

Skystar also has officers and directors on the ground in the United States whose roles are to provide a bridge with the U.S. Capital markets and all facets of Skystar’s duties as a publicly listed Company.

Directors and Officers

Weibing Lu
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Weibing Lu, Chief Executive Officer, received his Bachelor's degree in science from Wuhan University of Mapping Science and Technology (now known as Wuhan University) in 1985. In 1986, he was a teacher of College of Xian Geology. Mr. Lu received his Master's degree in Business Administration in 1999 from Xian University. Mr. Lu has vast experience in the biotechnology space and in enterprise management.

In 1992, he founded the Xian Xingji Electronic Engineering Company and served as its Chairman and President until 1997. In 2002, he was awarded the title of "Outstanding Enterpriser of Xian Feed Industry" and appointed director of Xian Institute of Feed Industry. In July 1997, he founded Xian Tianxing Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. In December 2003, Xian Tianxing Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., was reorganized and became Xian Tianxing Bio-Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Since December 2003, Mr. Lu has served as Chairman of the Board and President of Xian Tianxing Bio-Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

R. Scott Cramer

Mr. R. Scott Cramer is a member of the Board of Directors of Skystar, Director of Corporate Development and U.S. Representative. He has been with the company since its public inception in 2005 and has played an integral role in Skystar’s listing on NASDAQ in March, 2009.

Previously, Mr. Cramer served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Cyber Group Corporation, a publically traded company, from November 2001 to November 2005 and as its Chief Financial Officer from April 2003 to November 2005.

Mr. Cramer is the Founder and President of Cramer & Rauchegger, an independent financial advisory firm specializing in retirement management, estate planning and wealth management.  In 2013 the firm was ranked amongst the top three financial planning firms in Central Florida by the Orlando Business Journal and listed as one of Orlando’s top wealth management firms by the National Association of Board Certified Advisory Practices, who also awarded the firm 1st place in the category of risk management.

Mr. Cramer’s expertise and opinions have been frequently sought after by various television, print, wire and online media outlets such as Bloomberg TV, CNBC, Fox Business, Smart Money, Dow Jones Newswire, Reuters,, AOL DailyFinance and many others

Mr. Cramer has more than 30 years of experience as a financial advisor; his credentials include Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor, Certified Estate Planning Professional and a Certified Annuity Advisor.

Inependent Directors

Mark D. Chen 
Mr. Chen is the chairman and chief executive officer of Pantheon China Acquisition Corp., a U. S. publicly traded acquisition company he founded in 2006 focusing on pre-IPO Chinese companies. Since 1998, Mr. Chen has been a founding general partner and has served in various positions, including managing director and currently a venture partner, with Easton Capital Investment Group and its various affiliated funds, a New York based private equity investment firm. Mr. Chen has also worked extensively in China and was a founder and senior executive of SureData Inc., a marketing and distribution company in China in 1997.

Mr. Chen received a B.S. from the Shanghai Jiao Tong University in Shanghai, China, an M.S. from Pennsylvania State University and an M.B.A. from the Columbia Business School at Columbia University. Mr. Chen’s extensive international corporate and private company experience represents a valuable addition to the Company’s Board of Directors.

Chengtun Qu
Since March 2003, Dr. Chengtun Qu has been the Vice Dean of the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Xi’an Shi You University, where he also teaches and heads the environmental engineering department. Dr. Qu is a board member of both the Shaanxi Province Environmental Protection Association and the Shaanxi Province Chemical Engineering Association. As a principal researcher, Dr. Qu has participated in various projects at both national and provincial levels, including ones sponsored by the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology, and is the recipient of numerous accolades from the Shaanxi provincial government in recognition of his contributions. Dr. Qu has three patents issued by the Chinese State Intellectual Property Office. He has also been extensively published in various scientific journals both in China and abroad.

Dr. Qu has a B.S. degree in chemistry from Northwest University in Xi’an, a master’s degree in applied chemistry from Southwest Petroleum University in July 1993 and a doctorate degree in biochemistry from Xi’an Jiaotong University in July 2006. Chengtun Qu’s technical expertise and background constitute valuable additions to the Board of the Company.

Weirong Shen
Mr. Shen currently serves as Deputy Director of Shaanxi Province Institute of Microbiology and Director of Microorganism Resources Research Center, Vice Chairman of Shaanxi Province Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Institute, Vice Chairman of Shaanxi Province Food Technology Institute, Deputy Director of Professional Committee of Shaanxi Province Bio-Chemical, Executive Director of Shaanxi Province Society for Microbiology Research Federation, Adjudicator of Food Safety Standards for Shaanxi Province Department of Health, and Member of Committee of Experts for Xi'an Quality Inspection Department. Mr. Shen also serves as Chairman of the Board for Shaanxi Boao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. since 2010. Previously, he served as Board Director of Xi’an Strong Biological Engineering Company. Mr. Shen has nearly thirty years of distinguished career in research and development of resources of microbial strains, fermentation engineering, food, feed additives, and genetically engineered drugs and received numerous science and technology awards throughout his career. He led more than thirty major R&D projects in Shaanxi Province and oversaw the design and technology transfer for a number of fermentation of calcium lactate, lactate health beverage, and microecological feed additives production lines.

Mr. Shen is a graduate of Northwest University Department of Microbiology. The Company believes that Mr. Shen will bring his substantial academic, R&D and scientific expertise to the Board to enhance the Company’s skill set in those areas.